What Food Should Dogs Really Eat

What food should dogs really eat? Surprisingly the answer is, ‘anything’. In humans dogs can tolerate some things better than others, but what about the stuff that’s downright deadly for them? Your dog’s diet should be a pretty good balance between meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and other dietary proteins. Dogs really need a high percentage […]

What Are Common House Pets? Find Out the Facts

Many people wonder what are common house pets because they love their furry friends and they like to keep them at home. The truth is there are many pet species you will come across and most of them have a common need to be healthy and happy. Your pet can live up to 15 years […]

Here’s All You Need to Learn About Australian Shepherds

Australian Guards are referred to as functioning canines that have strong safeguarding as well as rounding up reactions. Promoted by Western films, these canines were a cowboy’s best partner. Their propensity for herding as well as an unbeatable devotion to their owners have actually made them a trendy breed. Nonetheless, these dogs are except everyone. […]

Beloved like a baby, the era of cats and dogs is coming

Pet charity activities, adoption instead of purchase, China Pet Culture Festival, Dhohoo Ninja Training Camp … Endless pet thematic activities are entering the public view, which shows that people are paying more and more attention to pets. Words and phrases like “walking dogs”, “cat sucking cats”, “young cats and dogs all over” are all the […]

Rainy Season In Japan Stirs Interest in ‘Emergency’ Pet Food & Contingency Plans to Feed Pets During Emergencies

The recent spate of flood and rain in Japan has stirred a renewed interest in emergency pet food. Pet parents are now looking for food options to feed pets during emergencies. As a responsible pet owner, every pet parent must have a contingency plan in place to ensure the health and fitness of pets during […]