Beloved like a baby, the era of cats and dogs is coming

Pet charity activities, adoption instead of purchase, China Pet Culture Festival, Dhohoo Ninja Training Camp … Endless pet thematic activities are entering the public view, which shows that people are paying more and more attention to pets.

Words and phrases like “walking dogs”, “cat sucking cats”, “young cats and dogs all over” are all the rage on the Internet. “Meng cat”, “Meng dog”, and various pet sand sculpture videos have been enthusiastically searched by major content platforms for many years. There are more and more pet bloggers, which can be said to be the era of the national cloud sucking cats and cloud walking dogs.

People begin to treat pets as children, the boundaries between pets and family members are becoming increasingly blurred, pets enjoy the same food and living facilities as humans, and “pet parents” are bound to give “pet babies” the best life.

Clothing, food, clothing, and transportation are the basic needs for human life. Of course, we can also see the changes in the quality of human life. This can be perfectly reflected in pets. When it comes to this, some people should feel ashamed. “People are better than pets.” series.

dogs is coming
dogs is coming

In the past, cats, dogs, and dogs could not wear any clothes. They could only rely on their fur to keep them warm, let alone look good and look bad. Now cats, dogs, and dogs may be more fashionable than you, what “LV” “Gucci” “Off-white”, “Supreme” and so on, you are envious of a tide brand.

In the past, pets were just domestic care, and they ate all the food left by their owners. Nowadays, all kinds of high-quality, high-nutrition foods are randomly selected, and even some pets eat natural and organic products. Pet brand Dhohoo is constantly researching high-quality food in order to give the best food to pets. Natural, organic, low-sensitivity, and valley-free are the main elements of major pet food brands.

In the past, kittens and puppies were stocked, or a small shed was built outside the door, which can shelter from the wind and rain. Now they have a comfortable nest indoors, have their own room, and can even sleep with the pet owner bed.

In the past, kittens and puppies could only walk on their four legs and calluses on the soles of their feet. Now they have advanced multi-function trolleys and are tired. These “pet parents” will still hold them. “Baby”!

At DhohOo, we understand that the humanized pet breeding trend is becoming more and more popular, and the pet industry is booming. People around the world, especially millennials, are weakening the line between humans and pets. It can be said that to a certain extent, the bond between humans and pets is the same at a basic level.

In fact, when humans get along with pets, they will also establish extensive, deep relationships, and get support, care, and warmth from pets that humans cannot get. At DhohOo, we believe this is also why people treat pets as children, and that companionship with pets has a significant positive impact on human health, so why can’t we spoil them more with so many benefits?

We are always looking for new suggestions, so let your pet-loving friends at DhohOo know if we’ve missed any!

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