Freeze-dried food is revolutionizing the pet industry

Freeze-dried food is relatively new in the pet industry, but it’s already on its way to becoming one of the top choices of pet parents for their small furry friends. Freeze-dried food carries the same nutritional value as that of conventional pet food, but it does it better and more conveniently.

Freeze-dried pet food is offered in a raw, dry, and high-meat content that has the nutritional value that equals natural whole pet food. Freeze-dried treats are made by drying food content using high pressure. This simple yetbrilliant technique has revolutionized the pet food industry.

Pet food industry

How is freeze-dried food made?

Freeze-dried pet food is manufactured by quickly freezing the food to lock the nutrients in it. Then this food is then sent through a vacuum seal, and its pressure is reduced. Then the product goes through sublimation, which eliminates frozen water from the food in the form of vapors. The food then loses all

its moisture and becomes dry. The final product is just as rich in nutrients as it was initially but completely dry.

The best quality of freeze-dried food is that it doesn’t lose its original taste, quality, and shape. It also doesn’t deteriorate as rapidly as frozen food while maintaining a nutrient-rich value. Freeze-dried pet food is preserved with enzymes and active cultures biologically, so it helps your pet with digestion and makes their cot and skin healthy.

Most importantly, freeze-dried pet food is very convenient and has a long shelf life. It doesn’t require refrigeration to preserve its raw quality. It will surely enrich your furry friends with nutrients and a satisfied tummy. At DhohOo we offers high-quality freeze-dried treats for your pets. Visit our website for further information.

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