Rainy Season In Japan Stirs Interest in ‘Emergency’ Pet Food & Contingency Plans to Feed Pets During Emergencies

The recent spate of flood and rain in Japan has stirred a renewed interest in emergency pet food. Pet parents are now looking for food options to feed pets during emergencies. As a responsible pet owner, every pet parent must have a contingency plan in place to ensure the health and fitness of pets during unforeseen emergencies, such as natural disasters.

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Preparing for an emergency situation involves ensuring a supply for pet food, water, and medication to feed pets during emergencies and provide the best care possible despite the unfortunate turn of events.

It is recommended to store a minimum of two weeks’ supply of food, water, and medication for every pet in the house. Additionally, at least a one-month supply of flea, ticks, and other parasite prevention must be in place.

Pet owners find freeze-dried pet food to be an excellent option for pets. Since freeze-dried pet food does not contain moisture, it stores well for a long time and may act as viable emergency pet food for feeding pets in emergencies.

Other essentials items that must be included in the disaster kit for pets include all significant documents, including photocopies of veterinary records, health records, prescription, medication instructions, information regarding adoption, etc. Leash for dogs, collar with an ID and harness must also be included.

It must be noted that emergencies and natural disasters can be extremely stressful for pets. Therefore, apart from feeding pets in emergencies, pet parents must also take measures to provide a comfortable environment for their pets. It is recommended to include toys, blankets, and appropriate pet carriers with bedding.

Prepare for emergencies today to ensure safety for your pet!

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